Rainwater Collection for Cannabis Cultivation

    Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater harvesting utilizes a building rooftop to convey rainwater into storage for later use. The land that buildings have a foundation on is an impervious surface because water cannot pass through it to get to the ground. Roads, sidewalks, and general development increases impervious surfaces that can lead to more flooding since rainwater cannot pass to the ground.


    When rainwater is collected and stored safely for later use, it prevents this wasted water runoff that can’t pass through the impervious cover. This sustainable water cycle is a more direct water source than using a utility water source and reduces water waste.


    Rainwater harvesting systems range from using your existing gutter system to channel the rainwater into a barrel to a large scale commercial system that can supply enough water to make a huge difference in water use. Rainwater is considered to be a perfect water source for cannabis cultivation since it typically has a nearly neutral pH with less contamination than the average utility water source.

    Rainwater harvesting for cultivation

    The Legality of Rainwater Harvesting

    Collecting rainwater is completely legal in America with only Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Washington having restrictions in a place like a filing for water rights.

    See legislation for every state that regulates rainwater harvesting:

    The Endless Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater harvesting as a sustainable water source:

    – Saves money on water purchasing through a utility or other water source

    – Reduces demand on the municipal water supply

    – Reduces flooding, erosion, and contamination of surface water with contaminants

    – It provides a clean, pH balanced water source that is free of salts and other minerals that can harm plant root growth.

    Store Rainwater in a Pioneer Water Tank for a Clean Water Supply



    Pioneer Water Tanks include a 20-year warranty on the tank and tank liner.



    Our AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage.



    Our tank liner is guaranteed to keep your water clean without BPA leaching.


    We offer a full line of firefighting nozzle and adapter options, manufactured to NFPA 22 requirements.


    We’re here to provide water storage solutions for the cultivation industry that aligns with state requirements.

    Our BPA-free water storage tanks are designed to your needs with cost-efficient capacities approved for drinking water, irrigation and fire protection.

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    Wall Height

    10,000-Gallon Water Tanks15′ 5″7′ 2″
    15,000-Gallon Water Tanks19′ 9″”7′ 2″
    20,000-Gallon Water Tanks22′ 0″7′ 2″
    30,000-Gallon Water Tanks26′ 4″7′ 2″
    40,000-Gallon Water Tanks30′ 9″7′ 2″
    50,000-Gallon Water Tanks35′ 2″7′ 2″
    65,000-Gallon Water Tanks39′ 6″7′ 2″
    100,000-Gallon Water Tanks39′ 6″10′ 7″