The National Fire Protection Association provides the research for codes and standards utilized across America and many other parts of the world. Recently the development of NFPA 420 was approved for the standard Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities.

The new fire protection standard for facilities in the cannabis industry will set a clear guideline. Previous serious fire emergencies at cannabis facilities have promoted this standardization of safety standards.

The committee to develop NFPA 420 is seeking individuals directly involved with cannabis facilities. The NFPA technical committee application expired on June 15, 2021. Applications received after this date will still be considered in the December NFPA meeting.

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One example of standardization for the industry will be defining occupancy classification. NFPA 1, Chapter 6 defines facility occupancy where projects also fall any other applicable building code. The NFPA released Safety Issues For Cannabis-related Facilities that offer some likely occupancy classifications for cannabis facilities:

– Growing and processing facilities (including extraction rooms): Classified as industrial or storage.

– Selling facilities: Classified as mercantile

– Consumption facilities: May be classified as assembly or business depending on the occupant load

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The NFPA 420 will develop solutions that address the fire protection needs of cannabis facilities. The authority with jurisdiction decides if and how Codes are adopted locally. Often facilities will fall under multiple NFPA standards like the NFPA 22 standard Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection.

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    Cannabis fire safety and NFPA 420 Technical Committee Application Page

    NFPA Standards Council approves development of NFPA 420, Standard on Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities, By Susan Mckelvey, May 4, 2021

    Safety Issues for Cannabis-Related Facilities Resource Download