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We’re here to provide water storage solutions for the cultivation industry that aligns with state requirements. Our chemical and contaminate free water systems are designed to your needs with cost-efficient capacities approved for drinking water, irrigation and fire protection.

Tank LinkCapacityPriceDiameterWall Height
XLE 08/029,907-Gallons$7,999.0015′ 5″7′ 2″
XLE 13/0216,392-Gallons$10,699.0019′ 9″”7′ 2″
XLE 15/0220,243-Gallons$11,699.0022′ 0″7′ 2″
XLE 23/0229,093-Gallons$14,699.0026′ 4″7′ 2″
XLE 30/0239,626-Gallons$17,999.0030′ 9″7′ 2″
XLE 40/0251,785-Gallons$22,349.0035′ 2″7′ 2″
XLE 50/0265,567-Gallons$25,299.0039′ 6″7′ 2″
XLE 50/0397,148-Gallons$32,399.0039′ 6″10′ 7″



When applying for a commercial marijuana land use ordinance, the water source must comply with all State and Local law with the proper permits if needed. Typical water sources include rainwater collection, permitted water wells or water diversion/ withdrawal.

Rainwater Collection

Rainwater collection for cannabis doesn’t require a water rights permit. You just need a system that can handle the cultivation production that you are applying for.



In order to obtain a commercial marijuana license, you must meet Regional Water Board and local fire protection requirements.


“Size and scope of an operation shall be such that the amount of water used shall not adversely impact water quality and/or beneficial uses, including and in consideration with other water use by operations, instream flow requirements and/or needs in the watershed, defined at the scale of a HUC-1220 watershed or at a smaller hydrologic watershed as determined necessary by the Regional Water Board Executive Officer.” (California Regional Water Quality Control Board North Coast Region)

A Fire & Life Safety Inspection is required, prior to starting an operation, even if no improvements to the property are being proposed. If more water is needed in case of fire emergencies, the water source must have the necessary firefighting adapter and nozzles.
(Fire Department Requirements for Cannabis Cultivation)


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Water storage structures may require permits from local agencies. For example, a permit is required from the Building Inspection Division for any water storage structure with a capacity of 5,000 gallons or more.

A Conditional Use Permit may also be required from the Current Planning Division for general agriculture or cannabis cultivation uses if the storage tank exceeds 50,000 gallons.

Permit applications must include a detailed site map known as a plot plan. Among other things, a plot plan must show the location of site characteristics such as property lines, roads, utilities, natural features as well as all existing and proposed structures.

Plot plans can either be prepared by certified professionals or by applicants themselves. We include an engineering submittal package with Pioneer Water Tanks to make this process easier.





1. The Aqualiner Fresh®, the only antimicrobial tank liner in the world.

2. The 8-80 V-Lock construction system for strength and durability.

3. Includes our industry leading 20-Year warranty on the tank and liner.

4. The heavy duty roof truss system, manufactured for extreme conditions.

5. Our standard line of accessories, platinum and commercial lines to expand the functionality of your tank.


The first antimicrobial tank liner in the world, our state-of-the-art five-layer Aqualiner Fresh® keeps your water fresher for longer with embedded Sanitized® Silver technology. With a life expectancy of 65 years, the Aqualiner Fresh® is designed to fit the Pioneer Water Tank to prevent contamination. Learn More >


Our geotextile underlay is the ideal way to protect your Aqualiner Fresh® from being compromised by sharp objects that may be caught inside your water tank.


Our sacrificial magnesium anodes significantly extend the life of your water tank by protecting the tank from corrosion. Made from magnesium, the anodes erode in place of the water tank, thereby protecting the steel and allowing the tank to last longer than other systems. Pioneer Water Tanks recommend your anodes be replaced every 10 years so you can enjoy the benefits of your tank for life.


Reduce the number of contaminants to protect your precious water supply with Pioneer Water Tanks’ high-density foam sealer.


Pioneer Water Tanks provides a 6” diameter overflow downpipe, the largest overflow system on the market. The overflow size moves excess water away from the tank quickly to effectively reduce pressure on your tank and avoid costly damage to your tank components.

One Polyethylene Outlet and Shutoff Valve

One standard polyethylene outlet and shutoff valve are included with Pioneer Water Tanks. It can be easily connected to most piping with the option to replace it with our full line of outlets and valves.

One Removable Basket Filter

The standard removable basket filter that is included has a thousand count mesh, proven to keep out mosquitos and filters out other debris contaminates for filtered water intake.

Lockable Access Hatch

Includes our standard lockable roof access hatch for regular tank inspection or cleaning. We also offer multiple sidewall access hatches as well as platform options for commercial projects.

Removable Ladder

All Pioneer tanks come with one standard ladder, bracket, and access hatch. The ladder can be removed from the bracket or kept on for easy access.

Pioneer Water Tanks, AQUALINER Fresh® antimicrobial tank liner is a world’s first to keep your water fresher, for longer.

For families across the world relying on the quality of tank water for their daily use and consumption, this means for the first time, being able to enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with fresher, purer and cleaner water, thanks to the use of antimicrobial technology on the inside lining of Pioneer water tanks.

The AQUALINER Fresh® is manufactured utilizing a patented three-layer process that adheres a PP Multifilament Base with a Polyethylene Film on the surface.

  • The PP base, PP/PE Coating, and PE Film are all bound together through a process called Extrusion Coating.

  • The PP Multifilament Base provides strength, flexibility, and dimensional stability.

  • The PE Film provides toughness, water resistance, and heat seal characteristics.

  • Sanitized Technology is inherent in the Black Polyethylene Film that touches the water.

Daniel Wyatt
Daniel Wyatt
General Manager, Pioneer Water Tanks
“The AQUALINER Fresh® tank liner is the culmination of Pioneer’s 30 years’ local and international experience in water storage and a result of our continuous drive to improve the way we store water for the benefit of our customers. Water quality is an important global issue and we know it’s one of the most important factors people consider when buying a water tank”

Only the highest quality Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel are used in Pioneer Water Tanks, providing unmatched durability that no other tank manufacturer can offer- that’s why Pioneer® Tanks last longer than any other brand. Pioneer Water Tanks come standard in Zincalume® Steel with your option of upgrading to a wide selection of Colorbond® steel color options.

The Zincalume® Steel Manufacturing Process

1. The metallic coating provides barrier protection to the steel. Magnesium compounds are positioned in the metallic coating to activate at the start of weathering when they are most vital for sacrificial protection.

2. Corrosion of the zinc-rich interdendritic region provides improved sacrificial protection to the steel base due to the presence of the magnesium compound. Magnesium siblicide particles in the interdendritic channels act as additional barriers to slow corrosion and restrict corrosion pathways to the steel substrate.

3. The Aluminum-rich region is modified to provide improved sacrificial protection of the steel base and resist rusting for longer in more severe environments.



Next generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125 introduces magnesium into the aluminum-zinc alloy coating, which improves galvanic protection by activating the aluminum. The result is more effective corrosion resistance. BlueScope Steel research and testing have found that the addition of 2% magnesium is the optimum level of corrosion performance and coating integrity. Along with a capital investment of over $100 million to facilitate the required manufacturing capability, BlueScope Steel can now produce next generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125 with even greater durability and a more efficient protective coating mass.