Cultivation Water News

Cultivation Water News

Development of NFPA 420 Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities

      The National Fire Protection Association provides the research for codes and standards utilized across America and many other parts of the world. Recently the development of NFPA 420 was approved for the standard Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities. The new fire protection standard for facilities in the cannabis industry […]

Water Well Storage Tank Solutions that are Approved for California

Using an above-ground water tank for a water well system can resolve a lot of issues that come with a well water source. Adding a water storage tank to a water well system solves pressure and consistency problems that property owners can face in California. The never-ending battle over groundwater can affect water well owners […]

California Prop 72 Excludes Rainwater Systems from Property Tax Reassessment

Proposition 72 was passed in June of 2018 to exclude rainwater harvesting systems from property tax reassessment in California. The California Proposition 72, Rainwater Capture Systems Excluded from Property Tax Assessments Amendment, passed this June 2018 with 83.28% of the vote. (Link to Prop 72) Previously, the California AB-1750 Rainwater Capture Act of 2012 put […]

It’s Time to Use Rainwater for Cannabis Cultivation

It’s legal to collect rainwater off of a roof for beneficial use and doesn’t require a water rights permit in California. Rainwater is renewable, clean, soft water with the perfect ph for cannabis cultivation.       It’s been completely legal in California to collect rainwater off of a building roof since the AB-1750 Rainwater […]

Steps to Setting Up a Legal Cannabis Farm in California

Legally starting a cannabis cultivation farm takes registration with the State, applying for local permits, meet all of the requirements for the inspections, have your site plan approved.      The process of registering and permitting a cannabis cultivation farm in California is based on State and local County requirements. These steps are generalized based […]



    We’re here to provide water storage solutions for the cultivation industry that aligns with state requirements.

    Our BPA-free water storage tanks are designed to your needs with cost-efficient capacities approved for drinking water, irrigation and fire protection.

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    Wall Height

    10,000-Gallon Water Tanks15′ 5″7′ 2″
    15,000-Gallon Water Tanks19′ 9″”7′ 2″
    20,000-Gallon Water Tanks22′ 0″7′ 2″
    30,000-Gallon Water Tanks26′ 4″7′ 2″
    40,000-Gallon Water Tanks30′ 9″7′ 2″
    50,000-Gallon Water Tanks35′ 2″7′ 2″
    65,000-Gallon Water Tanks39′ 6″7′ 2″
    100,000-Gallon Water Tanks39′ 6″10′ 7″