Agriculture Water Storage

We focus on finding the best water storage solutions for our clients. Pioneer Water Tanks are the cost-effective water storage for commercial, residential and agricultural applications. We work with a network of accredited suppliers and installers to provide localized service.


Pioneer Water Tanks are backed with our 20-year warranty on the tank body and tank liner. Ensure that your water storage is kept fresh and clean within our exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is NSF-61 certified with embedded antimicrobial technology.


    1. The BPA-free and NSF-61 Certified AQUALINER® Fresh, the only antimicrobial tank liner in the world.

    2. The PIONEER V-LOCK® tank body construction system for strength and durability.

    3. Pioneer Water Tanks includes our industry-leading 20-Year warranty on the tank body and tank liner.

    4. The heavy-duty roof truss system is engineered for extreme conditions and durability.

    5. Standard inclusions can be expanded and configured for the project water storage needs including for drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, and more.

    The California Water Board considers water diversion, storage and water use for permitting and licensing requirements. Our water systems focus on sustainability to eliminate a negative impact on the natural habitat with the diversion of water from rainwater harvesting to well water. This includes designing systems based on the needs of the land as well as the applications that the water will be used for.

    Water storage structures may require permits from local agencies. For example, a permit is required from the Building Inspection Division for any water storage structure with a capacity of 5,000 gallons or more.

    A Conditional Use Permit may also be required from the Current Planning Division for general agriculture or cannabis cultivation uses if the storage tank exceeds 50,000 gallons.


    Pioneer Water Tanks standard inclusions come crated with the tank body, engineering and installation instructions for the accredited project manager. Optional accessories include a full line of firefighting adapters and nozzles, caged ladder options, additional valves and much more.


    The first antimicrobial tank liner in the world, our state-of-the-art five-layer AQUALINER® Fresh keeps your water fresher for longer with embedded SANITIZED® Silver technology. With a life expectancy of 65 years, the AQUALINER® Fresh is designed to fit the Pioneer Water Tank to prevent contamination.


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    Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured of Zincalume® Steel with your option of upgrading to a wide selection of Colorbond® steel color options. Zincalume® Steel is proven to provide the longest-lasting optimum level of corrosion performance and coating integrity.


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    Our geotextile underlay is the ideal way to protect your AQUALINER® Fresh from being compromised by sharp objects that may be caught inside your water tank.


    Our sacrificial magnesium anodes significantly extend the life of your water tank by protecting the tank from corrosion. Made from magnesium, the anodes erode in place of the water tank, thereby protecting the steel and allowing the tank to last longer than other systems. Pioneer Water Tanks recommend your anodes be replaced every 10 years so you can enjoy the benefits of your tank for life.


    Reduce the number of contaminants to protect your precious water supply with Pioneer Water Tanks’ high-density foam sealer.


    Pioneer Water Tanks provides a 6” diameter overflow downpipe, the largest overflow system on the market. The overflow size moves excess water away from the tank quickly to effectively reduce pressure on your tank and avoid costly damage to your tank components.

    One Polyethylene Outlet and Shutoff Valve

    One standard polyethylene outlet and shutoff valve are included with Pioneer Water Tanks. It can be easily connected to most piping with the option to replace it with our full line of outlets and valves.

    One Removable Basket Filter

    The standard removable basket filter that is included has a thousand count mesh, proven to keep out mosquitos and filters out other debris contaminates for filtered water intake.

    Lockable Access Hatch

    Includes our standard lockable roof access hatch for regular tank inspection or cleaning. We also offer multiple sidewall access hatches as well as platform options for commercial projects.

    Removable Ladder

    All Pioneer tanks come with one standard ladder, bracket, and access hatch. The ladder can be removed from the bracket or kept on for easy access.


    We’re here to provide water storage solutions for the cultivation industry that aligns with state requirements.

    Our BPA-free water storage tanks are designed to your needs with cost-efficient capacities approved for drinking water, irrigation and fire protection.

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    Wall Height

    10,000-Gallon Water Tanks15′ 5″7′ 2″
    15,000-Gallon Water Tanks19′ 9″”7′ 2″
    20,000-Gallon Water Tanks22′ 0″7′ 2″
    30,000-Gallon Water Tanks26′ 4″7′ 2″
    40,000-Gallon Water Tanks30′ 9″7′ 2″
    50,000-Gallon Water Tanks35′ 2″7′ 2″
    65,000-Gallon Water Tanks39′ 6″7′ 2″
    100,000-Gallon Water Tanks39′ 6″10′ 7″


    Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22 standards for fire protection and come with a complete set of engineer-approved drawings. We offer water storage solutions that comply with NFPA standards and Building Standards Code.

    Fire protection options are based on project needs and local regulations.